Is the food on point at this new Texan grill?

Man’s enduring love affair with barbecue dates back to prehistoric times when our ancestors – upon discovering fire – found ways to make their hunting haul more palatable.

Like humans, barbecuing has evolved considerably over the eras, and has become an art form in itself, with places like US and Brazil enjoying the distinction as go-to places to experience this popular style of cooking.

When it comes to American style barbecues, Texas – known as the Lone Star state – has always stood out with its love for smoked meat and grilled specialities. Bringing these famous flavours to Abu Dhabi is Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, recently opened in Yas Mall.

Founded in 1941 in Dallas, the restaurant is touted as the ‘largest barbecue franchise’ in the US, and is now testing international waters for the first time.

Staying true to character, the Abu Dhabi branch carries the chain’s distinct rustic design: wooden walls and tables, light parquet flooring, vintage-style posters and old photos of its founder and first Texas outlet.

Dickey’s takes pride in its slow smoked method – a technique where the meat is cooked in a pit smoker using hickory wood, resulting in a tender and aromatic cut. Naturally, you’ll find plenty of ways to get your meat fix with dishes such as beef brisket, beef short ribs and chicken breast. Aside from the main attraction, the menu also features a handful of sandwiches and baked potatoes with fillings including turkey, chicken breast and beef sausage.

The beef sausage plate is comprised of juicy sliced sausages bursting with savoury and spicy flavours – highly recommended.

The restaurant’s signature dish, the beef brisket plate, features delectable beef that’s been smoked for 14 hours and sliced. The long but methodical cooking process makes the meat impressively tender. Its soft texture combined with the peppery and smoky taste makes it a must-try for any barbecue fan.

The meat plates come with Southern style side dishes and a roll. For sides, we recommend the creamy spinach, mac ‘n’ cheese and waffle fries.

With a stamp of genuine Southern flair, Dickey’s is proving why Texas is so famous for its slow-smoked meats while giving Abu Dhabi diners a satisfying barbecue experience.

Location: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Yas Mall, Yas Island
We say: Quality Texan barbecue
Cost: AED 144 for two
Opening times: Daily 10am-midnight
Contact: 02 644 6376,

WORDS Ferdinand Godinez

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