Find out how to get into running in the capital

Helping people in the community to keep up with their fitness goals, House of Runners invites people of all abilities to lace up, meet new people and get into running.

Online editor Colin Armstrong speaks with founder Ron George to find out how to get started in the sport and the benefits of learning from experienced runners.

What are the common mistakes people make when starting out running?

Simply, it’s doing too much and going too fast. There are other little things such as not getting the right shoes fitted, which is also important. When someone starts running and they don’t have a comprehensive plan in place it usually leads to getting limited or no results that in turn can lead to demotivation.

Individuals should keep in mind how much motivation is needed to maintain running and the commitment required, and should also be aware of existing health issues. Asking yourself what you want to get out of running is another thing we stress in our club. Every run has a purpose.

How important is it to take it slow and build up your ability over time?

It’s very important. Doing too much too soon puts you at risk of developing a serious injury and can put someone off running entirely. It’s important to know your limits and improve incrementally over time. I would encourage people to find a beginners group and an experienced runner who knows what they are talking about to help when starting out. Then it’s just a case of easing into the first run and making sure that you do a thorough warm-up.

It’s fair to say consistency is key with exercise. Do you agree with this approach to fitness?

Our body and its energy systems need time and optimum frequency of exposure to running in order to develop. If you’re going to become a runner you need to commit completely and run three to four times per week. It also helps to start with a goal. Running once in a while is never a bad thing when you’re starting out but the optimum way to improve would be to do smaller runs more frequently.

Tell me about House of Runners…

House of Runners is a relatively new community running group in Abu Dhabi. The group is based on a model of community training sessions geared to a race goal – such as Abu Dhabi Striders 10km or half marathon for instance. We take an organic amount of time, say 20 weeks, and see how we can perfect ourselves safely in that amount of time.

Rather than taking a cookie cutter approach to training, we focus on group-based learning of the sport. You don’t find 100 people joining for training sessions; it’s smaller so our observations and exchange of ideas become easier to manage.

We are always open to anyone who has shared interests, wants to learn and has a volunteer spirit to help out. We recommend that new members try to stick with the training sessions for a period of time before we can make overarching conclusions about anything in their running. New members can RSVP to our event on and join in.

For more information or to join the group for a run, visit:


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