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Increasing awareness about cancer and raising money to fund vital research, the Terry Fox Run returns to Abu Dhabi this weekend. 

Terry Fox Run Abu Dhabi 2015

Honouring the legacy of cancer patient Terry Fox who ran the Marathon of Hope in a bid to find a cure for cancer, the Terry Fox Run is being held on 19th January.

With huge crowds expected to assemble at the Corniche to keep the legacy of Terry Fox alive, Terry’s brother, Fred, explains how the Terry Fox Foundation has grown and what the event in Abu Dhabi means to the family.

Fred with Terry banner

Terry Fox’s brother, Fred

This year marks 38 years since the incredible run by your brother, Terry. How have you seen the community change since that time and how has the foundation and its runs around the world grown?

There have been so many changes not only here in Canada but around the world since Terry ran his Marathon of Hope in the spring and summer of 1980. Terry’s effort and sacrifice has changed how we look at cancer. Terry brought more awareness to the disease and has impacted where we are today with cancer research.

The Terry Fox Foundation has grown in so many ways since its creation in 1988. The Terry Fox Run in Canada and around the world has raised close to 800 million Canadian dollars (approximately AED 2.3bn) since 1981. Over 30 countries host Terry Fox Runs with so many more people being inspired by what Terry did.

Why does the foundation continue to bring the race to Abu Dhabi?

I believe it’s those living, working and going to school in Abu Dhabi that want to have the Terry Fox Run in their community. They are inspired by Terry and want to continue his legacy. They likely know someone who has been touched by cancer and want to make a difference. The foundation and the Terry Fox Runs that happen in Abu Dhabi support cancer research in the UAE, so it’s a great opportunity for participants to be a part of that.

This will be the 21st edition of the Terry Fox Run in Abu Dhabi. How does this kind of long-standing support impact cancer research?

The money raised from the Terry Fox Run in Abu Dhabi funds cancer research taking place at the UAE University. Over AED 7m has been raised over the years and is giving researchers there the opportunity to make a difference. A total of AED 3.2m is available for research projects in 2018.

What would you say to first-time participants of the race?

The Terry Fox Run in Abu Dhabi is a fun family event. I had the opportunity to participate three years ago in Abu Dhabi and it was a great day. It’s a day that you can honour someone you know who has been diagnosed with cancer. The Terry Fox Run gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone else.

What would you like to say to everyone taking part this weekend? 

Thank you. Thank you for doing your part in keeping Terry’s dream and legacy alive. Terry would be so proud to know that almost 38 years after he was running his Marathon of Hope people from around the world come together at a beautiful location like the Corniche in Abu Dhabi to continue what he started.

For more information about the Terry Fox Run in Abu Dhabi and to register for the race on  19th January, click here.


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