Filmdom’s new kid wonder takes charge


Alec Baldwin takes up the role of a different kind of boss in his latest endeavour

At 59, actor Alec Baldwin is experiencing a career renaissance of sorts.

It wasn’t that long ago that his career took a beating following a series of dud films and personal troubles that greatly affected his marketability.

His saviour came in the form of 30 Rock, the award-winning NBC TV comedy inspired by typical backstage antics on live sketch shows.

The series reignited Baldwin’s career and led him to rediscover his love for comedy. He’s since gone on to host numerous episodes of hit show Saturday Night Live (SNL), and of course we all know about his infamous portrayal of US President Donald Trump, which for many provided comic relief from the shock election results.


So successful was his SNL stint, he was headhunted for his latest film, The Boss Baby.

Apparently his knack for one-liners and comic timing made him perfect for the role.


The animated comedy tells the story of a secret agent infant involved in a covert war between babies and puppies, and the sibling rivalry that arises between him and his seven year-old brother who seems to be the only one aware of the newborn’s capitalist tendencies.

“He’s not only a baby, he’s like your worst nightmare of a baby,” said Baldwin about his character.

“He’s a clever baby, he’s a conniving baby, he’s a Machiavellian baby.”

Based on Marla Frazee’s bestselling picture book, Boss Baby, the film’s success so far seems to be down to Alec’s portrayal of the suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying titular character.


In the director’s chair is Tom McGrath, the master behind the Madagascar series, who has a way of writing scripts to suit his actors.

“After working with Alec on Madagascar 2, I knew he had to star in his own movie,” McGrath said.

“So I actually took a baby model from Megamind and added 30 Rock lines, and had an animator animate it.”

Baldwin claims playing Boss Baby was more fun than playing Trump, but he says despite its silliness, the story has a vital message about family values.


“I loved doing this because it is just so nuts and the idea is just so silly but Tom is so clever in terms of how to pull that off, how to drive the film.

“It’s got this wonderful heart inside of it too as I become won over by the idea of really being in a family.”

Also starring: Steve Buscemi, Tobey Maguire, Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow
Running time: 98 minutes
Rating: G

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