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Abu Dhabi is committed to sustainability and making positive changes to protect the environment.

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So it’s only fitting that the capital would be a destination for the Plug Me In project, an epic journey travelling from Holland to Australia in an electric car.

Inspired to make change, project leader Wiebe Wakker (pictured) wants to learn what sustainability is, create awareness and make a documentary about his journey as he meets organisations and attends sustainable events across the world.

Staying in the UAE for two months, Wiebe has taken part in the Electric Vehicle Road Trip, visiting seven emirates as part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, and he’s been impressed by the progress of the UAE towards making the switch from petrol to electricity.

“This country has a lot of potential for electric cars,” Wiebe told us.

“You can easily find charging stations and can go on a road trip to all the emirates with an electric car. You could easily make the switch.”

After 34,000km, 22 countries and nine months of travelling, the Dutchman is looking ahead to the next leg of his trip in India.

Relying solely on the generosity of strangers, Wiebe plans his route depending on the pledges he receives on the project website from individuals offering shelter, food and power, so you can help him reach his final destination: Sydney.

“I have three or four weeks left in the UAE before I go to Mumbai,” Wiebe explained.

“I need a place to stay after the end of February so anyone who can help, in any emirate, please get in touch and be part of the journey.”

To find out what Wiebe has been getting up to in Abu Dhabi, read his blog at or search for Plug Me In on social media.

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