Emirati author launches children’s book

Emirati author Hanadi Al Fahim celebrates her love for the Emirates and its nature with the launch of her first children’s book.

emirati author

The Little Ghaf Tree conveys the messages of giving, resilience, kindness and coexistence to children while celebrating the majestic Ghaf tree.

Hanadi is an advocate for the environment and the first Emirati author to write about the characteristics and benefits of the UAE National Tree.

She actively supported the nationwide campaign led by Emirates Nature-WWF in partnership with Al Fahim Group in 2006, to save the ghaf tree from becoming endangered.

Her commitment to the cause and national outreach was instrumental in the tree being awarded the status, ‘National Tree of the UAE’ in 2008.

Hamadi is a true patron of the arts and a passionate environmentalist.  She wants to educate young minds about the national tree, its life-giving benefits and the old Emirati traditions surrounding it.

“I wanted to write a book about the tree in a way children would enjoy while learning all about it at the same time.

“My hope is for children to embrace the values of the Ghaf tree, expressed in the storyline, which emphasize on giving, resilience, kindness and coexistence and to carry them through to their adulthood,” she said.

The Little Ghaf Tree is available in both English and Arabic in all major bookstores around the UAE and on Amazon.ae.

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