12 surprising facts about the Emirates Palace

Think of Abu Dhabi and most probably the iconic Emirates Palace comes to mind, but how many of these unique things did you know about this coveted hotel?



Size matters
It’s not called a palace for nothing and the majestic edifice perfectly reflects the name, as do the dimensions. The actual physical structure of the hotel, excluding the grounds, measures a mammoth million square metres. Oh boy! That’s absolutely massive!


Eat your heart out

Of course, a hotel of this standing has lots of fine restaurants, and adding to this is the Taste of Arabia. This feast of the senses takes place al fresco every Wednesday evening from 1st Nov to 31st March 2020 at the emirate restaurant, Mezlai where guests get to sample pan-Arabia and Levantine specialties.


Down by the sea

There’s nothing better than relaxing by the ocean, even more so when you’re staying in such an iconic hotel as Emirates Palace. The hotel’s pristine sandy white beach measures a lengthy 1.3km, so there’s plenty to explore before you go for a dip.


The Midas touch

Walk into the hotel’s grand entrance and you’ll immediately notice a distinctive gold touch, a theme that continues throughout the grand halls and hallways of the beautiful interior. The gold hue is inspired by – and pays tribute to – the   golden sands of the nearby deserts


Golden hands

With all that gold to upkeep, it must be an important and painstaking job for the team headed by a gold specialist whose sole task is to continually maintain the hotel’s gold leaf and keep it shining like… well, gold!


A gilded visage

It goes without saying that the Emirate’s Palace has a luxurious spa that offers an entire menu of services including facials. And among the latter is the award
winning 24-carat radiance facial to make you feel – and look – a million dollars and more.


The gold on top

The gold just doesn’t stop coming but were not complaining. You can even get to drink the precious metal at the Palace in the form of this frothy Palace Cappuccino topped with – you guessed it… 24-carat GOLD!



Step Inside

You’ve already learned that the interior of Emirates Palace covers an area of a million square meters, which means there must be 100s of doors in there, right? Well, there are many doors of course, but did you imagine 7,000 of them? I wonder how long it would to walk though each and every one of them.


Going up

Like most – if not all – hotels, the Emirates Palace has plenty of lifts to transport guests to the upper and lower floors. In this particular hotel, there are a staggering 102 lifts to take guests where they want to go at a touch of a button.


Super nature

The hotel grounds are simply resplendent with to-die-for ocean views. It’s also rather green with no less than 8,000 trees to shade you from the unforgiving sun.


Grandstand sports

It’s nice to have a kick around when you’re relaxing at a hotel, perhaps on the beach or a spare piece of land. The Emirates Palace, however, takes playing football to the next league with its onsite, FIFA-certified football pitch, no less. Now that’s certainly a goal!

For more information about the Emirates Palace, visit: kempinski.com


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