Eco mapping project on the UAE’s natural resources

Work on the Smart Map of Natural Capital of the UAE has resumed, says the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE).

It’s about to get easier to identify the country’s biologically rich ecosystems and the services they provide to the environment.

Data based on the study  of such ecosystems will be displayed on a smart map to better understand the nature and characteristics of the area, investment opportunities and potential improvement projects to be made.

Phase one, which will be completed December 2019, will show integrated mapping of habitats in the UAE.

With a competition date set for Q3 2020,  phase two will assess 15 ecological areas of terrestrial, coastal and marine habitats.

The derived data will be used to create models of future urban development.

Ministry of Climate Change and Environment will call for workshops to educate users on how to read and interpret the map easily.

Smart Map of Natural Capital of the UAE is a collaboration between MOCCAE and the UAE Space Agency, the National Space Science and Technology Center, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, Khalifa University, Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, Dubai Municipality, and Emirates Nature-WWF.

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