Eco-friendly kids


An eco-consultant is on a mission to turn kids into green gurus

They say children are the future so it’s important to teach them how to care for the environment.

Peter Milne, an environmental education consultant, believes that even kids are capable of grasping the concept of going green.

“If you put things in a simple way, they understand. They have so many ideas, and so much creativity and energy that you can learn from,” he explains.

“Our generation was not educated when it came to the environment. By teaching kids about waste management and recycling, we’re laying a good foundation for the future. These children can even teach their parents and adults.”

Before moving to Dubai in 2005, Peter worked as a teacher in Malaysia and the UK.

After moving to the UAE, he created a programme that promotes environmental awareness in local schools.

Peter recently visited the Falcon British Nursery in Saif Ghubash Street to share his green tips with the students.

“It’s nice that the school wants to focus on the environment and that they want to raise awareness,” he says.


Amelia Brown, principal of Falcon British Nursery, says, “Peter conducted workshops with the parents, staff and children. He then helped the teachers and children with a hands-on example of a recycled art project: robots made out of reused cardboard boxes and bottle caps.

“He led an inspection of the school premises, checking where changes could be made to reduce energy usage, waste and water consumption. He also left us with a new school mascot, a camel we’ve named Camel Pete.”

By involving parents, Peter hopes that the lessons will be put into practice at home.

“We had an open and fun discussion,” adds Peter. “Hopefully, the parents can be a key factor in encouraging the kids by being good examples.”

Peter is scheduled to visit more schools as part of the Nature Lovers tour, an Emirates NBD campaign that kicked off in February in a bid to educate three to five-year-olds about the environment.


Ferdinand Godinez
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