‘Ring of fire’ eclipse fully visible in Liwa, Abu Dhabi

An extraordinary phenomenon will be seen in Abu Dhabi’s Liwa region before the year ends. 

No! We’re nt talking about the annual date harvest, although that is fabulous thing.

We’re talking about the annular solar eclipse on  Boxing Day, 26th December, will see 91.93% of the sun being covered by the moon, creating a solar ring effect around the moon, in what is known as a ring of fire.

The astronomical event can be seen in full in Liwa for an entire two minutes and 47 seconds, from 7.35am to 7.38am.

People in other parts of the UAE can still see the eclipse, although at a partial 87.18%.

The year 1847 was the last time an annular solar eclipse was seen in the UAE, a whopping  172 years ago. So, don’t miss this one!

The phenomena will also be visible in Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Guam, among other places.

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