Digital literacy is becoming a priority among youth

Learning skills for the future and empowering youth are on the agenda following a landmark grant from a technology giant for an Abu Dhabi Government organisation.

Launched earlier this year, Maharat min Google, run by Google MENA, is an Arabic-language online learning platform that teaches digital skills such as social media, data analytics and online marketing.

With the help of a AED 1 million grant from, the technology company’s charity organisation, the platform will now be rolled out to 5,000 unemployed youth in rural areas across the UAE to help them develop their skills for the future job market. The grant was given to Abu Dhabi Government’s youth welfare charity, Emirates Foundation.

The initiative aims to target a minimum of 50 percent female participation to develop more women in the digital sphere.

Commenting on the scheme, Mohamed Al Hosani, director of Emirates Foundation, noted that improving youth welfare requires cooperation from various entities: “By partnering with the private sector, we offer youth a unique opportunity for advanced skills development that will prepare them for the job market. Only collectively can we achieve our goal of creating a positive and permanent impact on the lives of young people in the UAE.”

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