Why this cafe is perfect for people on the go

Is Abu Dhabi’s laidback image a thing of the past?

Nowadays, the capital feels everything that a bustling metropolis is: hectic and moving in fast motion.

The city has seen a rise in dedicated takeaway food stalls and delivery services to serve people constantly on the go – we certainly approve of the rise in food truck culture.

This is the concept behind The Cousins – the modest café in the Muroor neighbourhood that serves on-the-move food.

Though not designed for hanging out, the café is not lacking in mood and character.

Rustic hand-woven baskets and a wooden dresser holding the glass jars packed with pastries are visible instantly upon entering the shop, the latter making our mouth water.

The menu is made up of easy to order (and carry) treats like croissants, biscuits, brownies and sandwiches.

Customers can opt to go for traditional croissant flavours like cheese, zaatar and sumak, which start from AED 10.

Those who want to add a bit of flair to their morning snack can go for flavours including Oreo, berries cheesecake or pistachio.

The shop’s signature croissants include saffron, lavender and raspberry, which we’ve not seen elsewhere.

They’re delivered rather than baked in-store, but taste pretty fresh.

Not into flaky pastries? Try the brownies and take your pick from plain, sea salt and Kinder for that extra sugar rush (from AED 14).

Equally interesting are the coffee options that include cardamom, original and lavender Turkish coffee, and flavoured hot milk.

Familiar choices are also on the menu – espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte, flat white, macchiato and our favourite, the sweet Spanish latte.

They’re all available cold too – perfect for the sticky summer weather. All are available in regular and large. Prices for drinks range from AED 18-AED 51, depending on what size and flavour you go for.

With more exotic options than your big chain coffee shops, The Cousins satisfied this busy customer’s craving for a brew (and treats) to take along with them.

Near Millennium Trading, Muroor Road. Sat-Thu 10am-10pm, Fri 2pm-11pm. Contact: 050 301 3602, instagram.com/the.cousins.catering

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