Chameleon camouflage gives girl crocodile tears


A terrified youngster summoned police to the family home in the capital after claiming a crocodile was in the garden “sticking out its tongue and preparing to attack her”.

When officers arrived at the address they quickly realised the young girl had actually mistaken the ‘crocodile’ for a harmless pet chameleon that had escaped from a neighbour’s house.

A policewoman at the scene managed to reassure the girl that the chameleon was in fact no danger to anyone and certainly neither a man or girl-eating crocodile.

Abu Dhabi Police stated that they handle all reports with extreme care and seriousness to prevent any potential risks that members of the community may face. Officers did not reveal the age or nationality of the child but did urge all local authorities involved with animals and the environment to help educate members of the public and improve methods of raising and keeping animals.

Police also asked people to take the necessary precautions to prevent pets from escaping on to the roads and streets and from sneaking into neighbouring houses, in order to protect the safety of those pets and prevent them from scaring other people.

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