How you can do your share to help flood victims in Kerala

An Abu Dhabi youth non-profit group is showing what the power of community can achieve with a philanthropic drive to help those affected by the recent severe floods in the Indian state of Kerala.


Founded by students Tanmay Kulkarni and Parth Garg, Club RISE works to give back to society and highlight key social issues to young people through awareness campaigns, drives and events.

With its most recent initiative, the group, assisted by students from Bright Riders and Sunrise English Private Schools, is appealing not only to Abu Dhabi youth, but for people across the country, to get involved and donate vital supplies to help those in need.

“Right now, Kerala has been going through disastrous conditions,” explained 17-year-old Nisarg Shah, the club volunteer manager and student at Abu Dhabi Indian School.

“There are 845,000 people who are staying in camps around Kerala and they do not have enough basic supplies like food, clothes and necessities, and are being forced to live in conditions where disease may be widespread.”

Among the items most needed are dry food goods, such as rice, sugar and milk powder, as well as toiletries and hygiene products, candles and sleeping equipment.

The students plan to run the drive until 10th September. The campaign is one of many efforts happening in the UAE as the community has rallied to provide assistance. The country has also formed a national emergency committee to provide support to those worst affected.

Nisarg explained why the situation is so critical: “The conditions have meant that shopkeepers have raised their prices, so people who have been forced from their homes can no longer afford basic goods.

“As Indians, we always say that we are all brothers and sisters, so we need to step forward, take care of them and help them out. Even a dirham or some food will be so helpful to these people – whatever you can give.

“The more people donate, the more help we can offer,” he reflected. “If we all come together, we can create a real impact for the people of Kerala.”

To find out how you can help, send a message to Utkrisht on 056 328 8372 or Anvesha on 056 915 7686, or contact:

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