How to bring the magic of Christmas into your home

IKEA’s interior design manager, Lemya Osman, shares her tips for bringing the festive feeling into your home

IKEA "Let's Play for Change' exhibition at D3 - Nov 14 2017

For a lot of us, decorating our home for the holiday stops at the tree. Why is it nice to decorate other areas of the home?

It’s nice to fill the entire home with the holiday feeling. For example, at the entrance maybe you can add some ribbon and mood light. In the kitchen maybe your cookie jar can be a big red cookie jar with some festive characters – just small touches that bring the feeling of the holiday throughout the whole home.

What about budgets?

You can do minimal change without spending a lot and still get the festive feeling, be able to celebrate with friends and family and update the look of an area in your home.

There are a lot of accessories you can add without changing the main furniture or product you have at home. Fore example, a bit of candles and lighting would add a lot of colour and interest to the space. In IKEA, we try as much as possible to bring it in in so many ways – we try with candles because the holidays is all about gathering and being with friends so it’s an opportunity to have a cosy feeling. We also use a lot of textiles and lighting to set the mood and the feeling of the holidays.

What about colour themes?

It depends on the furniture you have at home. If you’re a modern person and you like your setting to be clean and tidy, we recommend you go for whites and silvers. If you’re a traditional person and like strong colours, go for reds.

What’s your favourite addition?

I think a textile can tell a lot about an individual and there are so many prints and nice colours that you could bring into a space that could change it completely without spending a lot.

A cushion, a throw, a rug – it can really bring character to a space. It’s cool to play with textiles, and again if you’re a minimalistic person or somebody who really loves the cosy feeling, it’s all about the number of cushions and the colour scheme you choose.

What about decorating the table for guests?

Candles are a fantastic choice. What I recommend is small pots with greenery in; that brings a lot of life and dimension into the dining room. Even small pots with a green plant and then a ribbon tied around it, depending on the colour scheme that you’d like to carry in that space – this adds character and interest.

Is there anything we can make ourselves?

I think it’s nice to write a message on a bit of paper and tie that with a ribbon and place it in the place where your guest is sitting. That message can reflect the individual who’s sitting in that chair – it’s simple and quick.

What about outdoors?

Lanterns are great; they add mood plus colour to the space but they don’t take away from the surrounding.

Depending on your style, they come in so many shapes and sizes so I think it’s just what you prefer to go with. You can put three or five in one corner and play with them a bit to bring a bit of festivity to the space.

You can put them floor level, hang them in trees or put them under the table to make it a bit mysterious, different and unexpected

Any final tips?

Enjoy it! Reflect yourself; it’s all about you and this is your space. Do it with love and care and then people who come in will feel the amount of work you’ve done. There’s no right or wrong, just how it makes you feel.

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