Community Awards

Best inclusion initiative

A campaign, programme or event dedicated to the inclusion, empowerment and awareness of people of determination in our society

Leadership award

An individual who exemplifies characteristics of a leader, creating a significant and positive impact in the workplace and wider community

Special recognition award

An individual who is going above and beyond to give back to the local community to promote positive values. This person may be in any role or sphere of local life but will be selfless, dedicated and giving.

Spirit of community award

A person or community group that embodies the spirit of Abu Dhabi and forms an integral part of our community. Some people continuously put others before themselves and dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to helping others with no financial reward. This is their chance to be recognised.

Young achiever

An individual under the age of 18 who has made a positive difference in the community through caring, volunteering, awareness initiatives or overcoming adversity

Business Awards

Favourite Newcomer – Food and Beverage

The best restaurant, café, food truck or outlet that opened after April 2018.

Entrepreneurial award

An individual that has launched a business or service in Abu Dhabi to cater to a gap in their relevant industry

Best CSR Initiative

A business, social enterprise or organisation that demonstrates a commitment to the local community through charitable, voluntary or community projects, and actively helps to make the place we live in safer, healthier and more sustainable.

Arts & Culture

Best Contribution to the Arts

An individual, group or organisation committed to championing the arts, developing the industry, creating a platform and encouraging community involvement

Favourite Festival

An ongoing event lasting at least one week in any industry, whether food, sport, culture, music, education, science, art

Heritage Award

An individual, group or organisation dedicated to supporting, preserving and enhancing cultural heritage in the UAE through awareness campaigns, interactive events, programmes, destinations or community initiatives