Gold Awards

Favourite cultural experience

Attraction or activity that shares and celebrates local and international culture and values

Favourite day out

Attraction or activity

Favourite event

Live, sporting, or community event, concert, exhibition, performance or festival

Favourite Restaurant


Favourite Restaurant

Fine dining

Emerald Awards

Best contribution to the arts

Company or group dedicated to boosting the arts in Abu Dhabi on a community level

Entrepreneurial award

Person that has launched a business or service in Abu Dhabi in the last 2 years to cater to a gap in the industry

Favourite sports initiative

Active initiative that inspires the community to get fit and instil healthy habits for life

School sustainability award

Educational institute dedicated to implementing sustainable change in the classroom and beyond

Favourite app

Programme or application that drives the UAE’s vision for a smart future

Diamond Awards

Best inclusion initiative

Campaign, programme, group or event dedicated to the inclusion, empowerment and awareness of people of determination in our society

Leadership award

An individual who exemplifies characteristics of a leader, creating a significant and positive impact in the workplace or wider community

Special recognition award

Person going above and beyond to give back to the community

Spirit of community award

Person who embodies the spirit of Abu Dhabi and is an integral part of our community

Young achiever

An individual under 18 years of age who is making a positive difference in the community through caring, volunteering, awareness initiatives or overcoming diversity