How the arts can be a huge gift for children with autism

Inclusion will take centre stage with an upcoming performance arts workshop aimed at people of determination.


Hosted by Goals UAE, a community group that provides extracurricular activities for youth with autism, Abu Dhabi children on the spectrum will take to the stage for six weeks in preparation to perform an adaptation of the popular book, Giraffes Can’t Dance.

Running for six weeks from 18th September and culminating in a stage show, the workshop is open to all children aged ten or under with autism to take part in activities to help them develop critical skills.

“We work with whatever the child’s interests and strengths are,” explained Khawla Barley, founder of Goals UAE. “Children who join the workshop can develop their skills of self-expression, imagination and self-confidence.

“The major skill that drama can bring to children of all ages is that it helps with their communication,” Khawla added. “During the workshop, they’re able to get up in front of people and perform, learn routines and critical skills that impact their life, too.”

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