Has this new restaurant got the right ingredients?

The humble cornflake has a bit of a history – over 100 years of it, to be exact.

The cereal was invented entirely by accident by medical doctor and nutritionist John Harvey Kellogg at his high-class sanitarium in 1894, when he was trying to mill a batch of slightly stale wheat grains.

The resulting tasty flakes were so popular with his patients even after they finished treatment that he and his brother developed a whole line for the mass market, and so the cornflake, the Kellogg company and its familiar rooster – his name is Cornelius, by the way – were born in 1906.

From the hospital to the supermarket shelf and family table, the ‘nation’s favourite breakfast’, so it was dubbed, became a staple cereal that endured for generations.

Hoping to provide a riff on an old classic in the capital – and prove that cornflakes are not just for breakfast – is Flakes Hub. Located in the backstreets of Al Nahyan, this tiny eatery pays homage to the popular cereal with a whole menu of inspired dishes.

For the purists, don’t worry: you can still have your milk and a spoon if you want to. But if you’re feeling adventurous, then there’s more than enough to choose from.

I’m not a purist, so I start with the mozzarella sticks battered in cornflake crumbs. Crunchy, golden and wonderfully gooey, they’re possibly not the healthiest option, but we do enjoy the winning combination of the cheese and the

ranch-style dressing.

For the next course, we pick the Crispy Lips Chicken Hub sandwich and Polo Mexican Flakes salad. With well-cooked breaded chicken, cheese, sauce and a soft bun, the sandwich is pretty tasty, but needs some pickles or acidity to balance the creamy flavours.

The salad is also tasty, with Mexican inspired flavours from avocado, sweet corn and beans adding flavour, but we feel that the portion of chicken could have been a little larger.

We wash everything down with a peanut butter shake – a classic that needs no introduction. Topped with frosted flakes, the added texture makes it feel like I’m eating an extra special bowl of cereal – although it’s hard to suck it all up through the straw.

With an interesting menu, good flavours and a dish for every meal of the day from breakfast to dinner and dessert, Flakes Hub is a playful restaurant concept that’s great for a meal with the children and for die-hard cereal fans alike.

Need to know

Location: Flakes Hub, behind Car Clinic, off Hazza Bin Zayed Street, Al Nahyan

We say: A fun family concept with a twist

Cost: AED 140 for two

Opening times: Sat–Thu 9am–10pm, Fri 1pm–10pm

Contact: 02 671 6711, flakeshub.com

WORDS Camille Hogg