This amazing robot could help save lives

Humanoid robots – think Avatar – are often the subject of science fiction, but their existence in books and movies isn’t always to the benefit of mankind.


Researchers at United Arab Emirates University (UEAU) however, are developing a humanoid robot that could potentially save lives by accurately mimicking human movement. The tech has been earmarked for use in hazardous situations such as bomb disposal, and could be adapted for use in other areas where human safety is an issue.

Operated by sensors, the user will theoretically be able to control the robot as if they were using their own limbs.

“A human will have more control if it feels like they are actually using their own arm,” explained Dr Fady, assistant professor of Information Technology at the university.

“They don’t need to think about how they should learn to use the controller – they just move normally, and the robot mimics that motion.”

So far the team has finished the first stage of the robot, consisting of two 3D-printed arms, with one designed for heavy work and the other for carrying out more intricate tasks.

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