Aldar Education rolls out e-learning program

As children across the UAE prepare to begin two weeks of home learning, Aldar Education has implemented an innovative e-learning programme to facilitate distance learning for students anytime, anywhere.

aldar academies e-learning

Aldar Education’s distance learning programme will be utilised across its network of 18 schools, which services 20,000 students across the Abu Dhabi to ensure continuity of classes for students during the government mandated period of home learning. The Central Education Technology strategy (Ed-tech) features online platforms – allowing students to connect in real-time with teachers – and incorporates Microsoft Office 365 capabilities, allowing access to web conferencing and chat functionalities.

Having been phased into Aldar Education’s schools 12 months ago, students and teachers are already well-versed in using the digital platforms as a supportive tool to complement traditional classroom education. Now, the use of the e-learning programme will be increased as the primary mode of education from 22nd March until children return to their classrooms.

The e-learning platform contains a variety of learning resources — as well as assigned tasks that need to be completed online – allowing Aldar Education to continue offering the highest quality of learning to all students.

Teachers will have digital classroom hours, offering students the opportunity to extend their learning experience beyond traditional school hours and allowing working parents to support their children after work. Redefining the delivery of education, Aldar Education is committed to educating students holistically and beyond the academic learning experience.

Sahar Cooper, CEO at Aldar Education, said: “We are passionate about providing all of our students a future focused education and our home learning programme is simply an extension of the methodology and platforms we use to enrich our curriculum on a daily basis. Our staff and students are already well- versed with the technology and software and parents will also be familiar with the interfaces.

Our educators are committed to delivering a world-class education in all circumstances and have worked extremely hard in recent weeks to augment the resources that will be available to our students online. I am extremely proud of what we have implemented to date and look forward to the full launch on 22nd March.”



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