Save Abu Dhabi from evil zombies

Abu Dhabi World dons a headset to battle some zombies down at Hologate… see how we fared.

We may be no hardcore video gamers here in the office, but that doesn’t mean we’re totally oblivious to how far the gaming industry has evolved over the years.

It’s certainly come a long way from the pixelated graphics of Donkey Kong, or the over simplistic nature of Pac-Man. Today, the more realistic and over-the-top the game is, the better.

So, we’re checking out Hologate, the fully immersive multiplayer game that uses VR technology.

Developed in Germany, Hologate features impeccable graphics that deliver realistic visuals without lagging and buffering.

The great news is that there’s no motion sickness effect.

There are four games to choose from: Zombyte, Cold Clash, Simurai and Groove Guardians.

There’s a calm before the storm as the friendly staff explain the nature of the game and the mechanics. But it doesn’t last long.

On with the headset and the highly interactive game begins.

Suddenly, there we are in an abandoned warehouse armed with nothing but heavy-duty guns.

The action soon follows with creepy looking zombies appearing everywhere.

We’re not talking the type of slow-moving zombies seen in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video or in The Walking Dead.

These zombies are swarming all over and are out for blood. To keep the aggressors away, we need to shoot continuously, if aimlessly.

The headset is designed with a two-way communication system to enable players to talk, a helpful touch when coming up with strategies or seeking support when mobbed by the enemy.

To be fair, there are options to boost the artillery, something we utilise to the hilt to better our chances.

But with only two of us fighting (the game is better played with four players to cover all corners) the battle is pretty much one-sided and the zombies eventually overwhelm us into submission.

Game over.

Defeated yes, but we enjoyed the game immensely.

Hologate brings the video game experience to a whole new level. We love how interactive and realistic the games are, with the VR technology immersing you fully into the action.

Hologate is not the only fun activity at Emirates Bowling Village, there’s also table tennis, bowling and billiards.

After exerting all that energy, it’s time to head to the café to refuel after a highly charged game.

We say: Game on!

From AED 25. Marina Mall, Ras Al Akhdar. Sat-Wed 10am-10pm, Thu-Fri 10am-midnight. Contact: 02 681 1185,

By Ferdinand Godinez

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