Abu Dhabi student launches career website for teens


For high school students, picking the right course to build their career around can be daunting.

Understanding that it’s a challenging time in life, 16-year-old Cranleigh Abu Dhabi student Tanishq Kumar was inspired to launch CareerFear, an online platform designed to help UAE students make informed decisions on potential career paths.

“Last year, my parents kept pushing me to explore my career options and decide what my future path was going to be,” Kumar told ADW.

“Surprisingly, there was little career information online in the first place, and even less of it was made for teens.”


Tanishq Kumar

Throwing boring statistics and career jargon out of the window, the non-profit website contains interviews with individuals from different fields across the country so that students can gain an understanding about the profession and the demands.

“We ask experts about their jobs, why they like them, and what exactly they do every day. You see, millions of teens want to become a lawyer or a doctor because of TV shows or things they hear,” he explains.

“But very few people actually know what it takes to become one, and what a day in the life is like.

“We’ve interviewed people from premier restaurants like TOMO in Dubai, people from hospitals like Mediclinic in Al Ain, people from universities liked NYUAD.

All of these institutions have been helpful in connecting us with more people willing to share their thoughts in the hope of guiding students to discover their passions.”

To find out more, visit: careerfear.org

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