This Abu Dhabi restaurant has the best view

Dine at Bentley Kitchen and you’ll be rolling with a classic and eating great food with fab views of the waterfront, not to mention experiencing stylish vibes

Bentley Kitchen Abu Dhabi

This waterside eatery and bar dishes up classic steaks and drinks but is so much more and simply oozes bags of style, class and friendliness. You’re going to feel right at home here.

Sliders at Bentley Kicten Abu Dhabi

There’s a distinctly old-school feel about Bentley Kitchen, located on the waterfront of The Galleria: There’s the re-mastered pop classics playing out for a start; and the vintage parquet flooring and bare brick walls formed from an old British school and shipped over.

Then not to mention seating and lighting worked from vintage cars, perhaps the Bentley… ah! There’s the reason behind the restaurant’s name, but think again, the name Bentley actually refers to the interior architect.

Bentley Kitchen Abu Dhabi World

The bread arrives in a fantastic shoe-shape holder, made in honour of Bentley’s first ever chef, Roy from Tazmania. And the quirkiness thankfully didn’t stop there.

The tasty Crispy Chicken and Soft-Shell Crab Bao Buns from the Sliders, Bao Buns & Tacos menu arrived on a stainless steel holder in the shape of man. At AED 70 for the two, it’s the perfect bite for a quick lunch with a friend, washed down with a glass of bubbly.

Bentley Kitchen Abu Dhabi

Crispy Chicken and Soft-Shell Crab Bao Buns

The Burrata salad was a piece of art and it was almost a shame to tuck in and ‘ruin’ it. The sour-tasting Burrata effortlessly merged with the slow-cooked puy lentils and sweet tomato and basil jam… If you order anything, make sue it is this dish!

Bentley Kitchen Abu Dhabi

Burrata salad merges sweet and sour flavours

The thinly sliced Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, all 100g of it and served on a tree trunk, is a light and dreamy starter that comes with pesto, parmesan and lemon salted radish… If you order anything, make sue it is this dish! (Yes, I’m repeating myself, and I mean it!)

Bentley Kitchen Abu Dhabi

Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

Bentley is famed for its ‘Butcher to Grill’ menu serving up South African style steaks, complete with its signature ginger and citrus basting sauce from South Africa itself. The 300g flamed-grilled Rangers Valley Wagyu Flat Iron steak melted in the mouth. It’s served with a delightful parsnip puree; I also chose Paris mash from the sides’ menu.

Bentley Kitchen Abu Dhabi

Lamb Shank with new potatoes

The location of Bentley Kitchen is ideal to relax and view the water across the promenade before moving on to the desserts. We ordered the Valhrona Manjari Fondant with honeycomb, raspberry and violet ice cream, which the menu tells you is a 15 minute wait time, but for that taste, we’d have waited a lifetime.

There are also several special boards dotted around the restaurant, whose dishes are ideal for that perfect business lunch!

Butcher’s Board at Bentley Kitchen


And  don’t forget that twice daily you can indulge in the restaurant and bar’s famous happy hour. The first one kicks off from 4.30pm-7pm and if you miss that come back from 11pm-1am.

Need to know | We say: A funky yet classy vibe | AED 190 plus drinks | The Galleria, Al Maryah Island | 12pm-1am daily | 02 626 2131,






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