Abu Dhabi… Gotham needs you!

There’s a big gathering of Cape Crusaders brewing this month in the capital that aims to break records.



It’s Batman’s 80th anniversary and to celebrate Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is attempting to gather the ‘largest gathering of people wearing capes.’ EVER!

The aim: To make it into the Guinness World Records.

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi  is the location, in the guise of Gotham City of course.

Batman fans of all ages should head down to the theme park  on Saturday, 21st September, at 3pm, to make Batman history.

Don’t forget to wear Batman’s iconic cape to be counted in.

There’s going to be  entertainment centred on you know who…the man himself, Batman. You’ll even get to meet-and-greet characters and participate in interactive activities.

So get your capes and head to Abu Dhabi’s Gotham City and break a world record!

Visit: wbworldabudhabi.com 

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