This teacher wants kids to conquer their fears

“No worry is too big or too small.”

That was the key message as Abu Dhabi World joined Liam Kelly to help the teacher conquer his childhood fear of rollercoasters.

Hosted at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the event was the second in Liam’s Series of Worrying Events, an off-shoot of his book Worried William, which aims to promote awareness around anxiety and fear in children and how parents and teachers can support them.

Liam kicked off his series in February by singing on stage with school children. Throughout the year, Liam will take on more of his childhood fears, including holding a tarantula and snake, and skydiving in Dubai.

This time, Liam rode the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa.

Liam, who said his constant worries as a child led to physical and mental health challenges that took decades to overcome, hopes to inspire other children to open up about and manage their fears while also encouraging parents to talk to their children about their fears and open up lines of communication.

To follow Liam’s progress and learn more, visit:

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