This popular shopping mall smashed its way to the record books

Another Guinness World Record has been broken in Abu Dhabi as a tribute to the UAE’s founding father.

Marina Mall Abu Dhabi has successfully achieved the record for the number of dominoes toppled in a circular field with its Sheikh Zayed-inspired display.

The feat, held in recognition of the Year of Zayed and the UAE’s 47th National Day, saw a grand total of 89,955 dominoes painstakingly positioned by domino artists into a huge circle over several days that, once toppled, revealed a large Year of Zayed logo.

The first domino in the capital was toppled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, vice president of the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, in front of a large crowd that watched the event from the balcony.

“It was wonderful to watch such a unique record being set and a delight to witness the result of the team patiently setting up the dominoes for three days,” Pravin Patel, adjudicator for the Guinness World Records, said.

“This is a great achievement, which everyone should be proud of – well done.”

Marina Mall beat the previous record of 76,017 dominos, which was set by The Incredible Science Machine Team in 2016 in Michigan, US.

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